Welcome to the Auction Direct demonstration ONLINE AUCTION

Here you can sample the user experience in a mock situation. Feel free to browse the Lots and Pledge options and, when you are ready, place a bid (don’t worry, we won’t hold you to any – it’s purely for fun)!

This will take you to Sign in or through the simple Registration process. Select the New account tab and complete your details. Your email address is used to confirm Registration and to Login along with your Password. The 4-digit passcode is created to allow you instant access to bidding should you ever attend a ‘live’ Auction Direct event.

Once registered, you can Login with your Email address and Password, the rest should be very intuitive.

Any queries, or to arrange a DEMO of our Tablets and Event Auction experience, do not hesitate to contact your Auction Direct account manager, or email enquiries@auction-direct.co.uk